Coffee floats, Tea sinks


Coffee floats, Tea sinks

Coffee floats, Tea sinks

Through history and technology to a complete understanding

284 pagina’s, gebonden, 23 x 31 cm, geheel in kleur, Engelstalig

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Coffee floats, Tea sinks is an absorbing account of five centuries of coffee history and technology – an presentation unequalled for its breadth, understanding and illustration. Coffee floats, Tea sinks integrates technological changes with a logical explanation of the whole coffee process. It has been written for the interested reader at all levels and includes background historical and sociological information to illustrate the increasing use of coffee in our society. In a very real sense it is a complete rewrite of the history of coffee removing myths and legends and replacing them with concrete facts. The complete history of espresso coffee from its origins in 1822 is interwoven to give the first complete story of the greatest innovation in coffee. The complete discussion of the way in which coffee is brewed and processed will be invaluable to all people who want to make a better cup of coffee.

Coffee floats, Tea sinks traces in detail the origins of coffee and tea. Most books treat coffee as a single dimension product as if it were constant over time. Coffee in 1450 meant a drink from the flesh of the berry. Turkish coffee in 1600 was drunk in a large cup without sugar. The word cappuccino has different meanings for Italians, Germans and Americans. The technological revolution in the West allowed great changes in the way coffee was processed and brewed such that a cup of coffee today is totally different from one a century ago.

Tea sinks and coffee floats, which explains why teapots are short and squat while coffee pots are tall. The illustrations have been chosen to show the evolution of teapots and coffee pots over the centuries. The thorough and complete discussion of changing beliefs over time and the relationships of all the brewing processes will lead to a complete understanding and show why there is no sensible answer to the question: “Which is the best coffee?”

Voor meer informatie over koffie en koffiezetten (met oa een videoworkshop over hoe zet je de beste koffie) kijk op de website van MissetHoreca.

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