Ice hotel grows to meet demand


Ice hotel grows to meet demand for cold comfort.

Sweden’s annual all-ice hotel is growing in size to accommodate increasing demand, with about 10,000 guests already booked for its chilly rooms. This winter’s Ice Hotel in Jukkasjaervi, a village 120 miles above the Arctic Circle, is the biggest ever, with an ice dome 30 feet over an ice bar and a stage, hotel spokeswoman Helena Sjoeholm said.

The whole complex, including the hotel, an ice church, an art center, and a movie theater with an ice screen, will cover 6,000 square yards, more area than a football field, and 10 percent larger than last year, Sjoeholm said. The one-story hotel has 45 double rooms and 15 suites. It is built every December and lasts until sometime in May.

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