Sultan of Brunei develops hotel


The Sultan of Brunei’s property development company has joined crocodile-farming Hannon Group to build a $ A150 million ($ US80.47 million) hotel resort in Darwin.

The joint-venture partners, who unveiled their plans for the resort yesterday, have been named preferred bidders by the Northern Territory Government to redevelop the old Darwin Hospital site near trendy Cullen Bay. According to the Australian Financial Review this will be their second joint venture. The partners plan to build ‘rainforest-style’ bungalows, office space and residential apartments on the 7.5 hectare property.
International architecture and design firm Woodhead International assisted the consortium during the tender process. Its vision includes pedestrian boulevards, ‘intelligent’ office space and new public access areas.
The family-run Hannon Group, owners of Darwin’s famed Crocodile Farm, is one of Darwin’s most recognised names. The firm recently teamed with the Brunei Property Development Company, which is majority-owned by the Sultan of Brunei and partially controlled by Australian interests, to undertake their first project, a $ A20 million ($ US10.73 million), eight-storey apartment complex at Myilly Point in Darwin.
The newspaper said the Brunei Property Development Company is already working on its own Myilly Point property, developing a $ A22 million ($ US11.8 million), 12-level apartment complex. The 46 apartments, alongside a Moran health care development, overlook Mindle Beach and will be priced at between $ A300,000 ($ US160,950) and A$ A1 million ($ US536,500) each.

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