Restaurant ring-in for placements


Industry body Restaurant and Catering Australia has teamed with the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations to implement a suitable screening process for the large number of ongoing job placements in the restaurant industry.

The strategy is aimed solely at restaurateurs, service available by ringing 1300-722-878 for the cost of local call.

One of the major problems for restaurant proprietors is that with so many roles consistently on offer, it’s extremely difficult to vet exactly who you may, or may not consider hiring.

The idea is job seekers, before applying, will be enabled to be more fully aware of qualities and aptitudes required for particular advertised vacancies.

Ostensibly, suitable job criteria vetting will be made available for those seeking workplace entrants, drafted from a compilation of professional focus groups working in-industry.

Pointers toward how to gain appropriate or required training will additionally be indicated, making the entire process all the simpler to pass on to would-be aspirants.

The hospitality industry is great for the versatility of lifestyle it provides, albeit the demeanour required for certain tasks won’t fit the bill of every person’s psyche.

John Hart, CEO of Restaurant and Catering Australia, informed: “It’s for restaurateurs to be able to effectively place jobs via a 1300 number.”

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