USA heads the destination wish list


America is now the UK`s favourite holiday destination according to an end-of-year poll from

In the poll, 17% of the site`s customers chose the States as their top holiday spot with 11% stating their intention to visit during 2004.

Spain came in second, with 16% of the vote and with just 6% of respondents promising to visit the country or its islands next year.

However, Spain still topped the poll when it came down to actual spending decisions.

Only 10% of holidaymakers said they`d visited the USA in 2003, while 30% of holidaymakers had visited Spain and its islands during the year. Second most visited destination was Greece.

The poll also showed Manchester becoming an increasing popular airport.

Results of the poll:

Top five destinations visited in 2003
1. Spain and Canary Islands
2. Greece
3. USA
4. Cyprus
5. France

Top five favourite holiday destinations USA
1. Spain and Canary Islands
2. Greece
3. Maldives
4. Thailand

Top five departure airports
1. London Gatwick
2. Manchester
3. London Heathrow
4. Birmingham
5. Glasgow

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