Green award for salad pack

ONPACK, a bulk wet salad pack, has won a bronze medal for the second consecutive year in the Ecorecycle category at the Australian Packaging Awards 2002.

A joint partnership between Cryovac packaging and leading produce and salad processor, Mrs Crocket's Kitchen produced the unique Vertical Pouch Packaging (VPP) system to produce a 14g co-extruded laminate pack which resulted in an 85 per cent reduction in packaging waste for bulk products.

National technical manager for Mrs Crocket's Kitchen, Dr Vic Reyes said the Packaging Award win was a clear indication of Cryovac's commitment to work co-operatively with companies to produce world class packaging innovation.

'Cryovac met the challenge of providing a unique packaging solution that reduced packaging waste, was suitable for automation, boosted the quality and shelf life of our salads as well as providing exceptional packaging integrity,' said Reyes.

The VPP option has proven cost effective for Mrs Crocket's on unit cost as well as helping to reduce the storage of unfilled packages. Previously at Mrs Crocket's Kitchen, only 1200 empty tubs and lids fit on a standard pallet; with VPP packs 19,200 can fit. For every 10 pallets of VPP film delivered by Cryovac there are 150 less pallets of tubs and lids handled, boosting freight and storage efficiency by 30 per cent.

The Cryovac VPP system utilises a volumetric filling system that can be used with just about any product that can be "dumped or pumped".

According to Cryovac VPP marketing manger Doug Milne, the FS film used for VPP is extremely rugged and has excellent clarity. It is also tamper-evident, leak-resistant and has a user-friendly notch for easier opening.

"From processor to consumer, the Cryovac VPP system improves workflow at Mrs Crocket's manufacturing plant. The system has also improved safety and hygiene aspects of the process," said Milne.