Five-star hotels Bali cut room rates

Some Bali hotels have slashed prices in the aftermath of Sunday's devastating bomb blasts. The five-star Aston Bali Resort and Spa has almost halved its tariff, with the Internet standby rate sliding to $ 115 while another prestige hotel, the Villa Sungai, dropped its price from $ 450 to $ 295.

Bali Hilton International reservations staff said the hotel had dropped to 60 per cent occupancy and was offering rooms for $ 121.Four-star hotel Anggrek Umah Anyar also had sliced more than 50 percent off its full rate of $ 225, offering a room for $ 110, while the Jimbaran Hills Club was offering rooms on Saturday and Sunday for a $ 44 standby rate as opposed to a full rate of $ 180.Hard Rock Hotel Bali also was cutting tariffs, offering a standby rate of $ 99, almost half the advertised rate.

Bali Villas manager Nyoman Sudirarma said the luxury resort was still open and had not reduced prices.Mr Sudirarma said villa guests were remaining close to the resort and avoiding 'crowded places'.