HK aims to boost tourism with improved service


The Hong Kong Tourism Board ( HKTB) officially launched the ‘Quality Tourism Services’ Scheme ( QTS Scheme) Enhancement Friday to further raise overall service standard and visitors’ confidence, especially in the areas of dining and shopping in Hong Kong.Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary Henry Tang said at a launching ceremony that the scheme will not only offer visitors better services and protection but also reinforce Hong Kong’s international image and reputation for quality services.

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government fully supports the efforts of the Tourism Board to enhance the scheme. ‘ We earnestly hope our tourism industry partners will actively participate in the scheme in order to make Hong Kong an even more attractive destination for all tourists,’ said Tang.
The HKTB originally launched the QTS Scheme in November 1999 to provide a benchmark of service excellence for the retail and restaurant sectors. Applicant merchants, having fulfilled a prescribed set of assessment criteria, are accredited as QTS merchants and entitled to use the QTS decal. QTS merchants are subject to surveillance and yearly assessment before they can renew their certification.
To date, there are over 3,400 accredited retail and restaurant outlets providing quality services to visitors and local residents in Hong Kong. By tightening the entry requirements for applicant merchants, providing clear product information to consumers, strengthening the complaint handling system of the scheme and reinforcing the surveillance of participating merchants, the HKTB will ensure that visitors will have an even more satisfying experience in Hong Kong.

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